Commit 56fd08d6 authored by Kilian Weishaupt's avatar Kilian Weishaupt Committed by Ned Coltman
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[staggered][fluxvars] Improve calculation of symm. part of v_grad

parent 134d602c
......@@ -452,18 +452,56 @@ private:
? insideVolVars.effectiveViscosity()
: (insideVolVars.effectiveViscosity() + outsideVolVars.effectiveViscosity()) * 0.5;
// Consider the shear stress caused by the gradient of the velocities normal to our face of interest.
if (!enableUnsymmetrizedVelocityGradient)
// If we are at a boundary, a gradient of zero is implictly assumed for all velocities,
// thus no further calculations are required.
if (!scvf.boundary())
// Create a boundaryTypes object (will be empty if not at a boundary).
Dune::Std::optional<BoundaryTypes> bcTypes;
const auto& boundaryFace = scvf.makeBoundaryFace(scvf.pairData(localSubFaceIdx).virtualBoundaryFaceDofPos);
// Get the boundary conditions if we are at a boundary.
if (scvf.boundary())
bcTypes.emplace(problem.boundaryTypes(element, scvf));
// Check if we have to do the computation
const bool enable = [&]()
// Always consider this term in the interior domain.
if (!scvf.boundary())
return true;
// If we are at a boundary and a Dirichlet BC for pressure is set, a gradient of zero is implictly assumed for all velocities,
// thus no further calculations are required.
if (bcTypes && bcTypes->isDirichlet(Indices::pressureIdx))
return false;
// If we are at a boundary and neither a Dirichlet BC or a Beavers-Joseph slip condition for the tangential velocity is set,
// we cannot calculate a velocity gradient and thus skip this part. TODO: is this the right approach?
return (bcTypes && (bcTypes->isDirichlet(Indices::velocity(lateralFace.directionIndex())) ||
if (enable)
// For the velocityGrad_ji gradient, get the velocities perpendicular to the velocity at the current scvf.
// The inner one is located at staggered face within the own element,
// the outer one at the respective staggered face of the element on the other side of the
// current scvf.
const Scalar innerLateralVelocity = faceVars.velocityLateralInside(localSubFaceIdx);
const Scalar outerLateralVelocity = faceVars.velocityLateralOutside(localSubFaceIdx);
const Scalar outerLateralVelocity = [&]()
if (!scvf.boundary())
return faceVars.velocityLateralOutside(localSubFaceIdx);
else if (bcTypes->isDirichlet(Indices::velocity(lateralFace.directionIndex())))
return problem.dirichlet(element, boundaryFace)[Indices::velocity(lateralFace.directionIndex())];
// Compute the BJS slip velocity at the boundary. Note that the relevant velocity gradient is now
// perpendicular to the own scvf.
const auto& scv = fvGeometry.scv(scvf.insideScvIdx());
return problem.bjsVelocity(element, scv, scvf, innerLateralVelocity);
// Calculate the velocity gradient in positive coordinate direction.
const Scalar lateralDeltaV = scvf.normalInPosCoordDir()
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