Commit 6862817f authored by Thomas Fetzer's avatar Thomas Fetzer Committed by Timo Koch
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[h2oheavyoil] Fix return values of the Henry coefficients (was the fugacitycoefficient before)

However, the results are unaffected.
parent 4a817aa6
......@@ -326,13 +326,12 @@ public:
assert(0 <= compIdx && compIdx < numComponents);
const Scalar T = fluidState.temperature(phaseIdx);
const Scalar p = fluidState.pressure(phaseIdx);
if (compIdx == NAPLIdx && phaseIdx == wPhaseIdx)
return Dumux::BinaryCoeff::H2O_HeavyOil::henryOilInWater(T)/p;
return Dumux::BinaryCoeff::H2O_HeavyOil::henryOilInWater(T);
else if (phaseIdx == nPhaseIdx && compIdx == H2OIdx)
return Dumux::BinaryCoeff::H2O_HeavyOil::henryWaterInOil(T)/p;
return Dumux::BinaryCoeff::H2O_HeavyOil::henryWaterInOil(T);
DUNE_THROW(Dune::InvalidStateException, "non-existent henry coefficient for phase index " << phaseIdx
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