Commit 6f335324 authored by Beatrix Becker's avatar Beatrix Becker
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remove deprecated warnings (newtonUpdateRelError to newtonUpdateShift,

tolerance_ to shiftTolerance_), reviewed by Thomas

git-svn-id: svn:// 2fb0f335-1f38-0410-981e-8018bf24f1b0
parent 55f491bc
......@@ -199,13 +199,13 @@ public:
const SolutionVector &deltaU)
if (this->enableShiftCriterion_ || this->enablePartialReassemble_)
this->newtonUpdateRelError(uLastIter, deltaU);
this->newtonUpdateShift(uLastIter, deltaU);
// compute the vertex and element colors for partial
// reassembly
if (this->enablePartialReassemble_) {
const Scalar minReasmTol = 1e-2*this->tolerance_;
const Scalar maxReasmTol = 1e1*this->tolerance_;
const Scalar minReasmTol = 1e-2*this->shiftTolerance_;
const Scalar maxReasmTol = 1e1*this->shiftTolerance_;
Scalar reassembleTol = std::max(minReasmTol, std::min(maxReasmTol, this->shift_/1e4));
this->model_().jacobianAssembler().updateDiscrepancy(uLastIter, deltaU);
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