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correction in decoupled exercise 2

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......@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ be included in the file \texttt{tutorial\}.
The new files should contain the definition of a new classes with
names that relate to the file name, such as \texttt{Ex2TutorialProblemDecoupled}.
Make sure that you also adjust the guardian
macros in lines \ref{tutorial-decoupled:guardian1} and \ref{tutorial-decoupled:guardian1}
macros in lines \ref{tutorial-decoupled:guardian1} and \ref{tutorial-decoupled:guardian2}
in the header files (e.g. change \\
\texttt{DUMUX\_EX2\_TUTORIALPROBLEM\_DECOUPLED\_HH}). Besides also adjusting the guardian macros,
......@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ $x$-direction and $10$ cells in $y$-direction. The simulation time
should be set to $2e4 \text{s}$.
Now include your new problem file in the main file and replace the
\texttt{TutorialProblemCoupled} type tag by the one you've created and
\texttt{TutorialProblemDecoupled} type tag by the one you've created and
compile the program.
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