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[cmake] Remove deprecated macro add_dumux_test

parent 317dc0be
# Add a test. All necessary calls to dune CMake macros for adding a
# test are called from this macro.
# The added test is automatically build if cmake is invode with the command
# line argument -DDUMUX_BUILD_ALL_TESTS:BOOL=TRUE otherwise the test is
# built only when "ctest" / "make test" is invoked.
# The test is only built if it does not already exist.
# Arguments:
# - dumux_test: name of the new test
# - dumux_test_executable: name of the executable required by the test
# - dumux_test_executable_source: source file (.cc) of the new test
# - further arguments: are optional and are used as arguments for calling the test
macro(add_dumux_test dumux_test dumux_test_executable dumux_test_executable_source)
message(WARNING "add_dumux_test is deprecated. Use dumux_add_test now that we require dune 2.6")
# if present, symlink the grids folder
set(grids_directory ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/grids)
if(EXISTS ${grids_directory} AND IS_DIRECTORY ${grids_directory})
dune_symlink_to_source_files(FILES grids)
# if present, symlink the input file
set(input_file ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/${dumux_test_executable}.input)
if(NOT EXISTS ${input_file})
get_filename_component(base_source_name ${dumux_test_executable_source} NAME_WE)
set(input_file ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/${base_source_name}.input)
if(EXISTS ${input_file})
# dune symlink takes a path relative to the source directory
get_filename_component(input_file ${input_file} NAME_WE)
dune_symlink_to_source_files(FILES ${input_file}.input)
# get optional arguments
# cannot use ARGN directly with list() command, copy to a variable first
set(dumux_test_args ${ARGN})
list(LENGTH dumux_test_args num_dumux_test_args)
# add executable
# check whether executable already exists
if(NOT TARGET ${dumux_test_executable})
add_executable(${dumux_test_executable} ${dumux_test_executable_source})
# add test
list(GET dumux_test_args 0 dumux_test_command)
list(REMOVE_AT dumux_test_args 0)
dumux_add_test(NAME ${dumux_test}
TARGET ${dumux_test_executable}
COMMAND ${dumux_test_command}
CMD_ARGS ${dumux_test_args})
# tests always require the executable to run
set_tests_properties(${dumux_test} PROPERTIES REQUIRED_FILES ${dumux_test_executable})
# Dumux wrapper for the module that provides tools for testing the Dune way.
# We have a wrapper to have to possibily of supporting multiple Dune versions.
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