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Differences Between DuMuX 2.1 and DuMuX 2.2
* IMMEDIATE CHANGES not allowing a deprecation period:
- In the problem / spatial parameter files, the setting of the property
"SpatialParameters" as in
SET...PROP(..., SpatialParameters ...
has to be replaced by
SET...PROP(..., SpatialParams ...
* Deprecated CLASSES/FILES, to be removed after 2.2:
- Model specific base box problems: The common functionality has been collected
in PorousMediaBoxProblem in dumux/boxmodels/common/porousmediaboxproblem.hh.
The problem can be derived from PorousMediaBoxProblem, instead of the model
specific base problem:
OnePBoxProblem, dumux/boxmodels/1p/1pproblem.hh,
OnePTwoCBoxProblem, dumux/boxmodels/1p2c/1p2cproblem.hh,
TwoPProblem, dumux/boxmodels/2p/2pproblem.hh,
TwoPNIProblem, dumux/boxmodels/2pni/2pniproblem.hh,
TwoPTwoCProblem, dumux/boxmodels/2p2c/2p2cproblem.hh,
TwoPTwoCNIProblem, dumux/boxmodels/2p2cni/2p2cniproblem.hh,
ThreePThreeCProblem, dumux/boxmodels/3p3c/3p3cproblem.hh,
ThreePThreeCNIProblem, dumux/boxmodels/3p3cni/3p3cniproblem.hh,
MPNCProblem, dumux/boxmodels/mpnc/mpncproblem.hh.
- All "...SpatialParameters" base classes have been replaced by
"...SpatialParams" classes:
BoxSpatialParameters, dumux/material/spatialparameters/boxspatialparameters.hh,
BoxSpatialParametersOneP, dumux/material/spatialparameters/boxspatialparameters1p.hh,
FVSpatialParameters, dumux/material/spatialparameters/fvspatialparameters.hh,
FVSpatialParametersOneP, dumux/material/spatialparameters/fvspatialparameters1p.hh.
* Deprecated PROPERTY NAMES, to be removed after 2.2: BEWARE: The compiler will not
print any warning if a deprecated property name is used.
- The "SpatialParameters" property has been renamed to "SpatialParams".
- The model specific "...Indices" property has been renamed to "Indices".
* Deprecated CONSTANTS/ENUMS, to be removed after 2.2: BEWARE: The compiler will not
print any warning if a deprecated constant/enum is used.
- In the 2p2c/ni and 3p3c/ni models, all indices related to phase and components
can be pre/suffixed with "w", "n" and, for three phases, with "g".
dumux/boxmodels/2p2c/...: All "l", "g" pre/suffixes have been replaced by "w", "n".
dumux/boxmodels/3p3c/...: All "c", "a" pre/suffixes have been replaced by "n", "g".
* Deprecated MEMBER FUNCTIONS, to be removed after 2.2:
- Spatial parameters: The spatialParameters member functions of the base problems
have been replaced by spatialParams:
- Flux variables: Renaming of members
"...AtIP" -> "...",
"concentration..." -> "massFraction...",
"molarConc..." -> "moleFraction..."
The "massFraction..." members have been deprecated, instead
"moleFraction..." should be used.
Affected files:
- Element and FVElementGeometry: The elem_() and fvElemGeom_() member function
of BoxLocalResidual have been replaced by element_() and fvGeometry_().
- Primary variables: All "...primaryVar/s" member functions have been replaced by
- Start functionality in dumux/common/start.hh: printUsageDGF and
printUsageGrid are no longer needed.
* DELETED member functions, which have been deprecated in DuMuX 2.1:
- dumux/material/spatialparameters/boxspatialparameters1p.hh:
extrusionFactorScv and extrusionFactorScvf, now part of the volume variables
- dumux/material/idealgas.hh:
concentration, replaced by molarDensity
- dumux/material/fluidmatrixinteractions/2p/efftoabslaw.hh:
pC(const Params &params, Scalar Sw, const Scalar temperature)
- dumux/common/start.hh:
startFromDGF, startWithGrid, startWithParameters, all replaced by start
- dumux/common/spline.hh:
set(const ScalarArray&, const ScalarArray&, Scalar, Scalar), replaced by setXYArrays,
set(const PointArray&, Scalar, Scalar), replaced by setArrayOfPoints
- dumux/common/variablelengthspline_.hh, dumux/common/fixedlengthspline_.hh:
various set routines, replaced by more descriptive names
- dumux/io/vtkmultiwriter.hh:
VtkMultiWriter(const std::string&, std::string), replaced by VtkMultiWriter(const GridView&, ...),
beginTimeStep, replaced by beginWrite,
createField, replaced by allocateManagedBuffer,
addVertexData, replaced by attachVertexData,
addCellData, replaced by attachCellData,
endTimeStep, replaced by endWrite
- dumux/decoupled/2p2c/2p2cproblem.hh:
IMPETProblem2P2C(const GridView&, bool) replaced by IMPETProblem2P2C(TimeManager&, ...),
IMPETProblem2P2C(..., SpatialParameters&, ...) replaced by IMPETProblem2P2C(TimeManager&, ...),
initSat(const GlobalPosition&, const Element&) replaced by initSat(const Element&)
initConcentration(const GlobalPosition&, const Element&) replaced by initConcentration(const Element&)
Notable Differences Between DuMuX 2.0 and DuMuX 2.1
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