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[Manual] Reflect changed name of SpatialParam(eter)s in tutorial for coupled model.

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......@@ -255,12 +255,12 @@ class.
If the box discretization is to used, the spatial parameters class
should be derived from the base class
\texttt{Dumux::BoxSpatialParameters<TypeTag>}. Listing
\texttt{Dumux::BoxSpatialParams<TypeTag>}. Listing
\ref{tutorial-coupled:spatialparametersfile} shows the file \\
\begin{lst}[File tutorial/tutorialspatialparameters\_coupled.hh]\label{tutorial-coupled:spatialparametersfile} \mbox{}
\lstinputlisting[style=DumuxCode, numbersep=5pt, firstline=28]{../../tutorial/tutorialspatialparameters_coupled.hh}
\begin{lst}[File tutorial/tutorialspatialparams\_coupled.hh]\label{tutorial-coupled:spatialparametersfile} \mbox{}
\lstinputlisting[style=DumuxCode, numbersep=5pt, firstline=28]{../../tutorial/tutorialspatialparams_coupled.hh}
First, the spatial parameters type tag is created on line
......@@ -383,7 +383,7 @@ Please reverse the changes made in this part of the exercise, as we will continu
Use an unregularized linear law with an entry pressure of $p_e = 0.0\;\text{Pa}$ and maximal capillary pressure of e.g. $p_{c_{max}} = 2000.0\;\text{Pa}$ instead of using a
regularized Brooks-Corey law for the
relative permeability and for the capillary pressure saturation relationship. To do that you have
to change the file \texttt{tutorialspatialparameters\_coupled.hh}.
to change the file \texttt{tutorialspatialparams\_coupled.hh}.
You can find the material laws in the folder
\verb+dumux/material/fluidmatrixinteractions+. The necessary parameters
of the linear law and the respective \texttt{set}-functions can be found
......@@ -417,7 +417,7 @@ sizes.
For this exercise you should create a new problem file analogous to
the file \texttt{tutorialproblem\_coupled.hh} (e.g. with the name
\texttt{ex2\_tutorialproblem\_coupled.hh} and new spatial parameters
just like \texttt{tutorialspatialparameters\_coupled.hh}. The new
just like \texttt{tutorialspatialparams\_coupled.hh}. The new
problem file needs to
be included in the file \texttt{tutorial\}.
......@@ -433,7 +433,7 @@ Besides adjusting the guardian macros, the new problem file should define and
use a new type tag for the problem as well as a new problem class
e.g. \mbox{\texttt{Ex2TutorialProblemCoupled}}. Make sure to assign your
newly defined spatial parameter class to the
\texttt{SpatialParameters} property for the new
\texttt{SpatialParams} property for the new
type tag.
After this, change the run-time parameters so that they match the
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