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......@@ -202,8 +202,8 @@ If not given differently in the input files, this is \texttt{build-cmake} as def
in order to compile the application\\ \texttt{test{\_}2p{\_}incompressible{\_}tpfa}. To run the simulation,
type \texttt{./test{\_}2p{\_}incompressible{\_}tpfa}
into the console. If you explicitly want to state a parameter file, type\\
\texttt{./test{\_}2p{\_}incompressible{\_}tpfa -parameterFile ./test\_2p.input}.
The parameter\\ \texttt{-parameterFile} specifies that all
\texttt{./test{\_}2p{\_}incompressible{\_}tpfa test\_2p.input}.
Adding \texttt{test\_2p.input} specifies that all
important parameters (like first timestep size, end of simulation and location
of the grid file) can be found in a text file in the same directory with the
name \texttt{test\_2p.input}.
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