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Remove the methods boundaryMatrixHeatFlux, markVertexRed and...

Remove the methods boundaryMatrixHeatFlux, markVertexRed and relativeErrorVertex from ImplicitSpatialParams, ImplicitAssembler and ImplicitModel, respectively. They have been deprecated in 2.3, in favor of using thermalConductivitySolid, markDofRed and relativeErrorDof, respectively. Correct CHANGELOG correspondingly.

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......@@ -107,6 +107,13 @@ Differences Between DuMuX 2.2 and DuMuX 2.3
- numFAP and numSCV in Box(CC)FVElementGeometry have been renamed to
numFap and numScv, respectively.
* Deprecated MEMBER FUNCTIONS, to be removed after 2.3:
- boundaryMatrixHeatFlux, markVertexRed and relativeErrorVertex
from ImplicitSpatialParams, ImplicitAssembler and ImplicitModel,
respectively. In favor of using
thermalConductivitySolid (see above), markDofRed and relativeErrorDof,
* DELETED classes/files, property names, constants/enums,
member functions, which have been deprecated in DuMuX 2.2:
Everything listed as deprecated below has been removed.
......@@ -308,22 +308,6 @@ public:
elementColor_[globalIdx] = Red;
* \brief Force to reassemble a given vertex next time the
* assemble() method is called.
* \param globalVertIdx The global index of the vertex which ought
* to be red.
DUNE_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use markDofRed instead.")
void markVertexRed(const int globalVertIdx)
if (!enablePartialReassemble_())
vertexColor_[globalVertIdx] = Red;
* \brief Determine the colors of vertices and elements for partial
* reassembly given a relative tolerance.
......@@ -400,23 +400,6 @@ public:
return result;
* \brief Returns the relative error between two vectors of
* primary variables.
* \param vertexIdx The global index of the control volume's
* associated vertex
* \param priVars1 The first vector of primary variables
* \param priVars2 The second vector of primary variables
DUNE_DEPRECATED_MSG("Use relativeErrorDof instead.")
Scalar relativeErrorVertex(const int vertexIdx,
const PrimaryVariables &priVars1,
const PrimaryVariables &priVars2)
return relativeErrorDof(vertexIdx, priVars1, priVars2);
* \brief Try to progress the model to the next timestep.
......@@ -99,35 +99,6 @@ public:
"a materialLawParamsAtPos() method.");
* \brief Calculate the heat flux \f$[W/m^2]\f$ through the
* rock matrix based on the temperature gradient \f$[K / m]\f$
* at the integration point of a (boundary or SCV) face
* This is only required for non-isothermal models that use outflow
* boundary conditions.
* \param heatFlux The resulting heat flux vector
* \param fluxVars The flux variables
* \param elemVolVars The volume variables
* \param face The boundary or sub-control-volume face
* \param element The current finite element
* \param fvGeometry The finite volume geometry of the current element
* \tparam FaceType The type of the face (boundary face / SCV face)
template <class FaceType> DUNE_DEPRECATED_MSG("Method not used anymore!")
void boundaryMatrixHeatFlux(Vector &heatFlux,
const FluxVariables &fluxVars,
const ElementVolumeVariables &elemVolVars,
const FaceType &face,
const Element &element,
const FVElementGeometry &fvGeometry) const
"The spatial parameters do not provide "
"a matrixHeatFlux() method.");
Implementation &asImp_()
{ return *static_cast<Implementation*>(this); }
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