Commit 94239795 authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch
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Merge branch 'fix/mpnc-public-indices-in-volvars' into 'master'

[mpnc][volVars] Make Indices typedef public

See merge request !1777
parents 898e52f7 24439b2d
......@@ -67,11 +67,12 @@ class MPNCVolumeVariablesImplementation<Traits, false>
static constexpr bool enableChemicalNonEquilibrium = ModelTraits::enableChemicalNonEquilibrium();
static constexpr bool enableDiffusion = ModelTraits::enableMolecularDiffusion();
using Indices = typename ModelTraits::Indices;
using ComponentVector = Dune::FieldVector<Scalar, ModelTraits::numFluidComponents()>;
using CompositionFromFugacities = Dumux::CompositionFromFugacities<Scalar, typename Traits::FluidSystem>;
//! Export the type encapsulating primary variable indices
using Indices = typename Traits::ModelTraits::Indices;
//! Export the underlying fluid system
using FluidSystem = typename Traits::FluidSystem;
//! Export the fluid state type
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