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[changlelog] Mention convergence writer

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......@@ -7,13 +7,26 @@ Differences Between DuMuX 3.1 and DuMuX 3.0
- Added new porous medium model for the energy balance of a porous solid (general heat equation)
- __Multidomain__: It is now possible to use the facet coupling module together with the mpfa-o scheme in the bulk domain.
- Added a `StaggeredNewtonConvergenceWriter` for the staggered grid discretization scheme
### Immediate interface changes not allowing/requiring a deprecation period
- `NewtonConvergenceWriter`'s first template argument has changed from `GridView`, the `FVGridGeometry`. This allows to call the `resize()` method after a grid change without any arguments.
Here is an example of how to instatiate the convergence writer:
using NewtonConvergenceWriter = Dumux::NewtonConvergenceWriter<FVGridGeometry, SolutionVector>;
auto convergenceWriter = std::make_shared<NewtonConvergenceWriter>(*fvGridGeometry);
### Deprecated classes/files, to be removed after 3.1:
### Deprecated member functions, to be removed after 3.1:
- The convergence writer is no longer passed to `NewtonSolver`'s `solve()` method.
For outputting convergence data, please use `newtonSolver.attachConvergenceWriter(convWriter)` in `` (directly after instantiating the writer).
To stop the output, the writer can also be detached again using `newtonSolver.detachConvergenceWriter()`.
### Deleted classes/files, property names, constants/enums
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