Commit 999ca799 authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch
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[implicit] Add a property turning on/off outputting the process rank

parent 0a04ce18
......@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@ NEW_PROP_TAG(SolutionDependentHeatConduction); //!< specifies if the parameters
// vtk output
NEW_PROP_TAG(VtkAddVelocity); //!< specifies if an element velocity it reconstructed for the output
NEW_PROP_TAG(VtkAddProcessRank); //!< specifies if the process rank should be added the output
// stencils
NEW_PROP_TAG(StencilsVector); //! The type of the global vector of stencils per element
......@@ -200,6 +200,7 @@ SET_TYPE_PROP(ImplicitBase, EnergyLocalResidual, EnergyLocalResidual<TypeTag> );
//! vtk output
SET_BOOL_PROP(ImplicitBase, VtkAddVelocity, false); //!< Don't reconstruct velocity per default
SET_BOOL_PROP(ImplicitBase, VtkAddProcessRank, true); //!< Add process rank to output per default
} // namespace Properties
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