Commit a1812ac4 authored by Dennis Gläser's avatar Dennis Gläser
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[poromech][cm] add interface to obtain pmflow vol vars

parent 96002158
......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ class PoroMechanicsCouplingManager : public virtual CouplingManager< MDTraits >
template<std::size_t id> using PrimaryVariables = typename GridVariables<id>::PrimaryVariables;
template<std::size_t id> using GridVolumeVariables = typename GridVariables<id>::GridVolumeVariables;
template<std::size_t id> using ElementVolumeVariables = typename GridVolumeVariables<id>::LocalView;
template<std::size_t id> using VolumeVariables = typename GridVolumeVariables<id>::VolumeVariables;
template<std::size_t id> using FVGridGeometry = typename GridVariables<id>::GridGeometry;
template<std::size_t id> using FVElementGeometry = typename FVGridGeometry<id>::LocalView;
template<std::size_t id> using GridView = typename FVGridGeometry<id>::GridView;
......@@ -353,6 +354,15 @@ public:
const PoroMechanicsCouplingContext& poroMechanicsCouplingContext() const
{ return poroMechCouplingContext_; }
//! Return the porous medium flow variables an element/scv of the poromech domain couples to
const VolumeVariables<PMFlowId>& getPMFlowVolVars(const Element<PoroMechId>& element) const
//! If we do not yet have the queried object, build it first
const auto eIdx = this->problem(poroMechId).fvGridGeometry().elementMapper().index(element);
return (*poroMechCouplingContext_.pmFlowElemVolVars)[eIdx];
* \brief the solution vector of the coupled problem
* \note in case of numeric differentiation the solution vector always carries the deflected solution
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