Commit a6283646 authored by Gabi Seitz's avatar Gabi Seitz Committed by Dennis Gläser
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[steamn2cao2h2] remove remaining typedefs

parent 78f7ca90
......@@ -61,21 +61,21 @@ template <class Scalar,
class SteamN2CaO2H2
: public BaseFluidSystem<Scalar, SteamN2CaO2H2<Scalar, H2Otype, useComplexRelations> >
typedef SteamN2CaO2H2<Scalar, H2Otype, useComplexRelations> ThisType;
typedef BaseFluidSystem <Scalar, ThisType> Base;
using ThisType = SteamN2CaO2H2<Scalar, H2Otype, useComplexRelations>;
using Base = BaseFluidSystem <Scalar, ThisType>;
typedef Dumux::IdealGas<Scalar> IdealGas;
using IdealGas = Dumux::IdealGas<Scalar>;
typedef H2Otype H2O;
typedef Dumux::BinaryCoeff::H2O_N2 H2O_N2;
typedef Dumux::N2<Scalar> N2;
using H2O = H2Otype;
using H2O_N2 = Dumux::BinaryCoeff::H2O_N2;
using N2 = Dumux::N2<Scalar>;
typedef Dumux::CaOTest<Scalar> CaO;
typedef Dumux::CaO2H2<Scalar> CaO2H2;
using CaO = Dumux::CaOTest<Scalar>;
using CaO2H2 = Dumux::CaO2H2<Scalar>;
// the type of parameter cache objects. this fluid system does not
typedef Dumux::NullParameterCache ParameterCache;
using ParameterCache = Dumux::NullParameterCache;
* Fluid phase related static parameters
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