Commit a691e5ea authored by Bernd Flemisch's avatar Bernd Flemisch Committed by Timo Koch
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[freeflow] replace typedef by using

parent 704db3b5
......@@ -98,10 +98,10 @@
SET_PROP(NavierStokes, FluidState){
typedef typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, Scalar) Scalar;
typedef typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, FluidSystem) FluidSystem;
using Scalar = typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, Scalar);
using FluidSystem = typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, FluidSystem);
typedef Dumux::ImmiscibleFluidState<Scalar, FluidSystem> type;
using type = Dumux::ImmiscibleFluidState<Scalar, FluidSystem>;
//! The local residual function
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