Commit acd12b64 authored by Gabi Seitz's avatar Gabi Seitz Committed by Dennis Gläser
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[1pncmintest] cleanup usage

parent dc1bc807
......@@ -56,7 +56,19 @@ void usage(const char *progName, const std::string &errorMsg)
errorMessageOut += " [options]\n";
errorMessageOut += errorMsg;
errorMessageOut += "\n\nThe list of mandatory options for this program is:\n"
"\t-ParameterFile Parameter file (Input file) \n";
"\t-TimeLoop.TEnd End of the simulation [s] \n"
"\t-TimeLoop.DtInitial Initial timestep size [s] \n"
"\t-Grid.UpperRight Upper right corner coordinates\n"
"\t-Grid.Cells Number of cells in respective coordinate directions\n"
"\t-Problem.Name Name for the vtk files \n"
"\t-Problem.PressureInitial Initial Pressure [Pa] \n"
"\t-Problem.TemperatureInitial Initial Temperature [K] \n"
"\t-Problem.VaporInitial Initial vapor mole fraction [-] \n"
"\t-Problem.CaOInitial Initial volumefraction of CaO [-] \n"
"\t-Problem.CaO2H2Initial Initial volumefraction of Ca(OH)2 [-] \n"
"\t-Problem.BoundaryPressure Pressure at the boundary [Pa] \n"
"\t-Problem.BoundaryTemperature Temperature at the boundary [K] \n"
"\t-Problem.BoundaryMoleFraction Vapor molefraction at the boundary [K] \n";
std::cout << errorMessageOut
<< "\n";
......@@ -160,7 +172,6 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) try
timeLoop->start(); do
// set time for problem for implicit Euler scheme
// problem->setTime( timeLoop->time() + timeLoop->timeStepSize() );
problem->setTimeStepSize( timeLoop->timeStepSize() );
// set previous solution for storage evaluations
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