Commit af29a04b authored by Katharina Heck's avatar Katharina Heck
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Merge branch 'fix/richards-localresidual-robin-detector' into 'master'

[richards][localres][analytic] Fix detector for robin derivatives in problem

Closes #1024

See merge request !2595
parents b94fa769 ae9f25aa
......@@ -499,7 +499,7 @@ public:
const SubControlVolumeFace& scvf) const
if constexpr(Detail::hasAddRobinFluxDerivatives<Problem,
PartialDerivativeMatrices, Element, FVElementGeometry,
PartialDerivativeMatrices&, Element, FVElementGeometry,
ElementVolumeVariables, ElementFluxVariablesCache, SubControlVolumeFace>()
problem.addRobinFluxDerivatives(derivativeMatrices, element, fvGeometry, curElemVolVars, elemFluxVarsCache, scvf);
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