Commit afa48878 authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch
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[pointsource] Make computation more efficient by not copying vector

parent 41527a36
......@@ -442,17 +442,16 @@ public:
auto key = std::make_pair(gridGeometry_->elementMapper().index(element), scvIdx);
if (pointSourceMap_.count(key))
// call the solDependent function. Herein the user might fill/add values to the point sources
// we make a copy of the local point sources here
auto pointSources =;
// Add the contributions to the dof source values
// We divide by the volume. In the local residual this will be multiplied with the same
// factor again. That's because the user specifies absolute values in kg/s.
const auto volume = scv.volume()*elemVolVars[scv].extrusionFactor();
for (auto&& pointSource : pointSources)
for (const auto& ps :
// we make a copy of the local point source here
auto pointSource = ps;
// Note: two concepts are implemented here. The PointSource property can be set to a
// customized point source function achieving variable point sources,
// see TimeDependentPointSource for an example. The second imitated the standard
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