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[changelog] Add changlelog entry for installexternal script translated to python

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......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ Differences Between DuMu<sup>x</sup> 3.4 and DuMu<sup>x</sup> 3.3
- Advection type including inertia effect for simulations in the non-creeping flow regime
- Note that this is still considered a rather _experimental_ feature. Everything within namespace `Dumux::PoreNetwork` might undergo (backward-compatibility breaking) changes _without prior notice_.
- __Several scripts have been translated to Python__:
- `` to install external modules and libraries now rewritten as python script `bin/`
- `` to extract the used Dumux/Dune versions of a module (new script: `bin/util/`)
- `` no longer creates an install file, instead, you can now generate install scripts for your module using the new script `bin/util/`.
- Note: the old shells script will be removed after release 3.4.
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