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boost and autotools belong to the prerequisits not to the additional


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......@@ -124,8 +124,6 @@ The following are dependencies of some of the used libraries. You will need them
\item \textbf{lex/yacc} or \textbf{flex/bison}: These are quite common developing tools, code generators for lexical analyzers and parsers. This is a prerequisite for UG.
\item \textbf{boost}: The Boost-C++-Libraries. Install a version $\geqslant 1.33.1$. The \Dumux property system and {\Dune}-Multidomaingrid make use of \texttt{libboost}.
\item \textbf{BLAS}: Alberta makes use of BLAS. Thus install libGOTO, ATLAS, non-optimized BLAS or BLAS by chipmanufacturer. Take care that the installation scripts select the intended version of BLAS.
\item \textbf{METIS}: This is a dependency of ALUGrid. If you run it parallel this part is being used to partition your grid.
......@@ -134,9 +132,6 @@ The following are dependencies of some of the used libraries. You will need them
the license is not open. For research and education it is possible to obtain a copy without additional costs.
A Fortran compiler like \texttt{gfortran} is needed to compile it.
\item \textbf{make, autogen, automake, libtool}: You can make use of the gnu version of \texttt{make}. The other tools are also gnu building tools and they are required to build most of the \Dune and \Dumux code.
\texttt{autogen} and \texttt{automake} are referred to as \texttt{autotools}.
\item \textbf{\LaTeX, doxygen}: In order to build the \Dumux documentation these tools are needed.
\LaTeX\ is a front-end to the \TeX\ font setting system. Install texlive for example. A great part of the code documentation is done inline using doxygen, which extracts the documentation and makes HTML or \LaTeX\ out of that.
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