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......@@ -12,6 +12,19 @@ Differences Between DuMuX 3.1 and DuMuX 3.0
- The GridManager now support reading unstructured grids and data from vtu/vtp files (ASCII, XML format) sequential
This means for UGGrid and FoamGrid you can now specify a grid in such a format in the input file
`Grid.File = mygrid.vtu` / `Grid.File = mygrid.vtp` and the associated data is available in the grid data object
- __Freeflow__: A second order approximation of the convective term of all navier-stokes based models is now available.
This can be enabled using the property UpwindSchemeOrder. This property defaults to a first order upwinding approximation,
the method used for all models in release/3.0. If this property is set to `2`, a second order flux limiter method will be used.
Various flux limiter functions have been implemented to maintain the monotonicity of this discretization. Per default the
`Minmod` flux limiter is used, but `Vanleer`, `Vanalbada`, `Superbee`, `Umist`, `Mclimiter`, and `Wahyd` based flux limiters
are also available. These can be specified using the input file entry `Flux.DifferencingScheme`. These methods are also
implemented for non-uniform structured grids (e.g. YaspGrid - TensorProductCoordinates). Per default, a scheme assuming a
uniform grid is used, but two other methods, `Li` and `Hou`, are both available for adaptations to non-uniform grids.
These can be specified using the input file entry `Flux.TVDApproach`.
- __RANS__: The called RANS model, defined in the properties system, will specify, via the model traits,
which RANS problem implementation should be used. In each problem file, the initial and boundary conditions can be
set using templated functions based on the model type. Examples of these functions exist in the RANS based tests.
No further preprocessor macros are required.
### Immediate interface changes not allowing/requiring a deprecation period
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