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......@@ -59,14 +59,14 @@
[.\node[FirstLevel] {assembly};
\node[ThirdLevel] {
Matrix assembler and residual for all discretization methods: cell centered, box, staggered grid.};
Matrix assembler and residual for all discretization methods.};
[.\node[FirstLevel] {common};
\node[ThirdLevel] {
Common files of all models:
definition of boundary conditions, time stepping, splines, dimensionless numbers ...};
[.\node[SecondLevel] {geometry};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Common definitions of geometrical properties.};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Geometrical algorithms};
[.\node[SecondLevel] {properties};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Base properties for all models.};
......@@ -77,21 +77,20 @@
\node[ThirdLevel] {Common methods for all discretizations: variable caching, advective and diffusive fluxes, upwinding...};
% ]
[.\node[SecondLevel] {box};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Specific files for the gerenal fully implicit box method:
\node[ThirdLevel] {Specific files for the box finite volume method:
specifications for advective and diffusive fluxes...};
[.\node[SecondLevel] {cellcentered};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Specific files for fully implicit cell centered method (mpfa and tpfa).};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Specific files for cell centered finite volume methods.};
[.\node[SecondLevel] {staggered};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Specific files for staggered grid.};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Specific files for staggered finite volume method.};
[.\node[FirstLevel] {freeflow};
[.\node[SecondLevel] {\emph{models}};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Single-phase free flow models using Navier-Stokes
and algebraic turbulence models.
All models are discretized with the box-method.};
and algebraic turbulence models.};
[.\node[FirstLevel] {io};
......@@ -140,15 +139,15 @@
[.\node[FirstLevel] {mixeddimension};
\node[ThirdLevel] {
Mixeddimension model.};
Coupled model with different dimensions.};
[.\node[SecondLevel] {embedded};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Embedded.};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Embedded mixed dimension method.};
[.\node[SecondLevel] {facet};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Facet.};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Facet mixed dimension method.};
[.\node[SecondLevel] {glue};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Glue.};
\node[ThirdLevel] {Grid glue backend.};
[.\node[FirstLevel] {nonlinear};
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