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In this section about the installation of \Dumux it is assumed that you work on a UNIX compatible operating system and that you are familiar with the use of a shell.
Moreover, you should know, if necessary, how to install new software packages or you should have a person aside which can give you assistance with the shell and the package installation.
At the end of this chapter, we list some basic prerequisites for running \Dune and \Dumux.
Below, we list some basic prerequisites for running \Dune and \Dumux.
Please check this paragraph to evaluate whether it is possible for you to run \Dune and \Dumux.
Moreover, some optional libraries and modules are listed, which can be helpful for the work with \Dumux.
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ Each \Dune module is associated with a directory name in the folder {\Dune}-ROOT
\paragraph{Basic prerequisites} \label{prerequisites}
The gnu tool-chain of \texttt{g++} and related gnu variants of autotools (ubuntu: autoconf, automake, libtool, build-essential) must be available in a recent version.
The \Dumux property system, which is used in most of the models, makes use of \texttt{libboost}.
It is thus necessary to install a \texttt{boost} version $\geqslant 1.33.1$ (ubuntu: libboost*, libboost-dev).
It is thus necessary to install a \texttt{boost} version $\geqslant 1.33.1$ (ubuntu: libboost-dev).
The building of the documentation requires \LaTeX\ and auxiliary tools like \texttt{dvipdf} and \texttt{bibtex}.
If you use the configuration switch \texttt{--enable-doxygen} in order to generate the doxygen files (documentation generator) you will also need \texttt{doxygen}.
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