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[implicit 2p2c] add possibility to choose between using a

ConstraintSolver or explicit calculation of secondary variables

For some problem settings, an explicit calculation of the secondary
variables proves to be more stable than using a ConstraintSolver. This
introduces the possiblity to choose between the two variants analogous
to 3p3c.

Reviewed by Bernd.

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parent 4365dce3
......@@ -69,6 +69,8 @@ NEW_PROP_TAG(EffectiveDiffusivityModel); //!< The employed model for the computa
NEW_PROP_TAG(ProblemEnableGravity); //!< Returns whether gravity is considered in the problem
NEW_PROP_TAG(UseMoles); //!< Defines whether mole (true) or mass (false) fractions are used
NEW_PROP_TAG(UseConstraintSolver); //!< Determines whether the constraint solver should be used
NEW_PROP_TAG(ImplicitMassUpwindWeight); //!< The value of the upwind weight for the mass conservation equations
NEW_PROP_TAG(ImplicitMobilityUpwindWeight); //!< Weight for the upwind mobility in the velocity calculation
NEW_PROP_TAG(ReplaceCompEqIdx); //!< The index of the total mass balance equation,
......@@ -160,6 +160,9 @@ SET_BOOL_PROP(TwoPTwoC, ProblemEnableGravity, true);
//! Use mole fractions in the balance equations by default
SET_BOOL_PROP(TwoPTwoC, UseMoles, true);
//! Determines whether the constraint solver is used
SET_BOOL_PROP(TwoPTwoC, UseConstraintSolver, true);
//! Set default value for the Forchheimer coefficient
// Source: Ward, J.C. 1964 Turbulent flow in porous media. ASCE J. Hydraul. Div 90.
// Actually the Forchheimer coefficient is also a function of the dimensions of the
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