Commit e150ae8f authored by Simon Scholz's avatar Simon Scholz
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[math] fix vtmv signature with enable_if to force different Matrix and Scalar separation.

parent 8afaeb81
......@@ -637,7 +637,7 @@ vtmv(const Dune::DenseVector<V1>& v1,
const Dune::DenseMatrix<MAT>& M,
const Dune::DenseVector<V2>& v2)
auto tmp(v2);
typename Dune::DenseVector<V2>::derived_type tmp(v2);, tmp);
return v1*tmp;
......@@ -651,12 +651,18 @@ vtmv(const Dune::DenseVector<V1>& v1,
* allocated Dune Vectors/Matrices. Size mismatch
* assertions are done in the respective Dune classes.
* \note We need the enable_if to make sure that only Scalars
* fit here. Matrix types are forced to use the above
* vtmv(DenseVector, DenseMatrix, DenseVector) instead.
* \param v1 The first vector
* \param m The scale factor
* \param v2 The second vector
template <class V1, class FieldScalar, class V2>
FieldScalar vtmv(const Dune::DenseVector<V1>& v1,
typename std::enable_if_t<Dune::IsNumber<FieldScalar>::value, FieldScalar>
vtmv(const Dune::DenseVector<V1>& v1,
const FieldScalar m,
const Dune::DenseVector<V2>& v2)
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