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section about application of patches

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......@@ -182,7 +182,29 @@ $ checkout-dumux -h # show help,
$ checkout-dumux -gme -u joeuser -p password -d DUMUX
\subsection{Patching \Dune or external libraries}
Patching of \Dune modules in order to work together with \Dumux
can be necessary for various reasons. \\
Software like a compiler or even a standard library
changes at times. But a certain release of a software-component, we depend on, does not reflect that change.
In developing process of software which depends on other modules, it is not always feasible
to adapt it to the most recent version of module of the day. That's why for serious errors
there exist patches or they are be brought into existence, which fix problems with a certain module
of a certain release but do not introduce to much structural change. It can also happen
that a release gets amendments (updates) and a formerly useful patch gets obsoleted.\\
\Dumux carries within directory \texttt{dumux/patches} patches and documentation about their usage and application.
Please check the README file in that directory for recent informations.
At the time of this writing one patch has to applied as follows, but things may vary over time.
$ # make sure you are in DUNE-Root
$ cd dumux-istl
$ patch -p1 < ../dumux/patches/dune-istl-2.0.patch
The \texttt{checkout-dumux} script will also apply patches, if not explicitly requested to do not so.
\subsection{Build of \Dune and \Dumux}
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