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CHANGELOG: mention more improvements and enhancements.

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......@@ -10,13 +10,34 @@ Differences Between DuMuX 2.1 and DuMuX 2.2
permeability and porosity as well as boundary conditions.
- Decoupled Models: An h-adaptive model using an MPFA L-method was added
that simulates 2p and 2p2c flow on irregular grids in two dimensions.
See test/decoupled/2p(2c) for details.
that simulates 2p and 2p2c flow on unstructured grids with hanging nodes
in two dimensions. See test/decoupled/2p(2c) for details.
- The Stokes models are capable of simulating the full Navier-Stokes
- All fully implicit porous media models are now capable of employing
the Forchheimer equation as an alternative to the commonly used
Darcy law. See test_forchheimer*p in test/boxmodels/mpnc for details.
- The Stokes models are now able to simulate the full Navier-Stokes
equations for momentum transport. See test/freeflow/navierstokes
for details.
- The fully implicit models have been (partially) generalized to allow
for a cell-centered discretization in addition to the default
vertex-centered (box) one. Cell-centered fully implicit 2p and 2p2c
models are already available in the developers part of Dumux. Further
generalizations and the inclusion in the stable part are planned for
Dumux 2.3.
- Several model-specific features and classes have been unified, like
the calculation of the Darcy velocity for the fully implicit flux
variables, or the temperature, gravity, and spatial parameter
functionalities of the fully implicit problems. Moreover, many
names have been made more consistent. This includes the naming
and grouping of several parameters and corresponding properties,
the indexing of phases and components, and the preference of the
partial name "params" over "parameters." For details, see also the
deprecations listed below.
* IMMEDIATE INTERFACE CHANGES not allowing a deprecation period:
- Implicit models: TwoPIndices, TwoPNIIndices, and RichardsIndices additionally
get TypeTag as template parameter. If the Indices are not obtained via the
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