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[gitlab] add template description for MRs

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Thanks for considering to open a merge request!
Before asking for a review of your MR, please read the [contributing guidelines](/
**What this MR does / why does DuMux need it**:
TODO: insert text here
Is there a corresponding issue? Add "Fixes hashtag issuenumber" which will automatically close the issue when this MR is merged. Add "Related to hashtag issuenumber" if it's related but doesn't fix the issue completely.
**Notes for the reviewer**
TODO: insert text here
Keep the following TODO list in the merge request description for documentation.
Bullet points marked with _(if not applicable remove)_ may be removed.
Before you request a review from someone, make sure to revise the following points:
- [ ] does the new code follow the [style guide](doc/
- [ ] do the test pipelines pass? (see guide on [how to run pipelines for a merge request](
- [ ] is the code you changed and/or the new code you wrote covered in the test suite? (if not, extend the existing tests or write new ones)
- [ ] does your change affect public interfaces or behavior, or, does it introduce a new feature? If so, document the change in ``.
- [ ] is the list of the header includes complete? ("include what you use")
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