Commit f6e09ecf authored by Kilian Weishaupt's avatar Kilian Weishaupt Committed by Timo Koch
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[navierstokes][localresidual] Add source term for axisymmetric problems

parent adbb0f6c
......@@ -169,6 +169,24 @@ public:
source += problem.gravity()[scvf.directionIndex()] * insideVolVars.density();
source += problem.source(element, fvGeometry, elemVolVars, elemFaceVars, scvf)[Indices::velocity(scvf.directionIndex())];
// Axisymmetric problems in 2D feature an extra source terms arising from the transformation to cylindrical coordinates.
// See Ferziger/Peric: Computational methods for fluid dynamics chapter 8.
// (page 301)
if constexpr (ModelTraits::dim() == 2 && std::is_same_v<Extrusion, RotationalExtrusion<Extrusion::radialAxis>>)
if (scvf.directionIndex() == Extrusion::radialAxis)
// Velocity term
const auto r =[scvf.directionIndex()];
source -= -2.0*insideVolVars.effectiveViscosity() * elemFaceVars[scvf].velocitySelf() / (r*r);
// Pressure term (needed because we incorporate pressure in terms of a surface integral).
// grad(p) becomes div(pI) + (p/r)*n_r in cylindrical coordinates. The second term
// is new with respect to Cartesian coordinates and handled below as a source term.
source += insideVolVars.pressure()/r;
return source;
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