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Feature/restart from vtk

Bernd Flemisch requested to merge feature/restart-from-vtk into master

Fixes #458 (closed).


  • Use reference vtu / vtp files that already exist for the vtkreader test
  • Grid reader dim < 3
  • Grid reader for vtp
  • Use hasParam instead of haveParam
  • If !1036 (merged) gets merged first we might need to adapt the variable names for loading the solution
  • parallel (only for reading solution, grid is a different task (reading from single vtu -> ok, reading from pvtu -> new issue))
  • staggered
  • multidomain (we write one vtu file for each subdomain, so we can just also read it per subdomain)
  • add parallel test

add multidomain test concept works but a working test could not be constructed because of the single precision issue

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