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[component] Remove defaults from constant component

Timo Koch requested to merge feature/remove-contant-component-defaults into master

Fix #579 (closed) where is was noted that 1.0 as default is more a disadvantage than an advantage. Just specify 1.0 in the input file explicitly instead. For examples typos in the input files could be unnoticed.

  • Remove the default for constant component
  • Do not set molar density if it's not used and not returned in any interface (fixes #608 (closed))
  • Do not output molar density in navierstokes non-compositional models (fixes #608 (closed)), adjust references (remove rhoMolar)
  • Fuelcellni test had the wrong solid phase properties -> fixed parameters and adjusted reference solution
  • Sagd test had a typo in the input file -> fixed typo and adjusted reference solution
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