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Feature/intersect bboxtrees

Timo Koch requested to merge feature/intersect-bboxtrees into master

Add the ability to bounding box trees to intersect with other bounding box trees.

Add a test in dumux/common/boundingboxtree/ testing BBoxTree construction, pointIntersection, treeIntersection.

The result is a vector of BoundingBoxIntersections. They contain a first and a second element index of the respective first and second boundingBoxTree and the corners in global coordinates of the intersection geometry.

This implements only intersection of 3D with 1D elements. However it is possible to add other geometries by implementing the GeometryCollision class for e.g. 2D with 1D elements or 3D with 2D elements.

Merging this branch would remove the dependency on dune-grid-glue in dumux-multidimension. It is also a step towards better well models where wells are actually one-dimensional domains intersecting with the bulk grid cells.


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