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Feature/tabulated components with constant spacing

Beatrix Becker requested to merge feature/tabulated-components into master

Tabularization now uses the same spacing across gas/liquid range (or very close) and adheres to the user-specified number of tabulated values (plus/minus 1 or 2 maybe).

Things to consider: The tabularization test failed with this. Tolerances were chosen very close to failing already before, though. I raised them to 1% and doubled the number of tabularized values for pressure. Now the test parses. It seems those large errors occured for the gas density, when it was in a range close to the triple point. Here, the calculation of the density changes from iapws to ideal gas law. I assume this causes large non-linearities (or better: a kink) in this region which is not very well resolved with constant spacing (sometimes only 2-3 values are tabularized for the gas density... before there were 200!).

Another thing I noticed: The tabularization test has uncommented lines, testing the pressure tabularization. I assume this is because it fails unless unreasonable high tolerances are set. This should maybe be investigated further. The pressure is calculated vie Newton in the component, maybe something is going wrong there.

I am still checking if other tests fail because of this, currently, hence WIP. Edit: no failing tests on my machine due to this change.

Resolves #755 (closed)

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