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[WIP][md] Implement box staggered coupling

Kilian Weishaupt requested to merge feature/box-staggered-coupling into master


  • Add test for segment-segment intersection algorithm
  • Make segment-segment intersection algorithm more efficient
  • Put segment-segment in different MR
  • Extract Box-Forchheimer to separate MR
  • New BJ test (existing test uses indefinite perm. matrix)
  • Change convergence script to specify convergence rate
  • It currently only works for DiffusionCoefficientAveragingType::ffOnly
  • Maxwell Stefan Diffusion law not yet implemented when using Box
  • Renaming: Use ff/pm instead of stokes/darcy
  • New IC assume specific parameter group "Darcy", generalise this
  • Add missing tests


  • Currently, we retrieve the entire context via couplingContextVector(), but the old interface is still there. I would shrink this to only one interface and probably rename it. Currently, there is one context object per coupling segment, so maybe we can find a better name.
  • At the moment the coupling segment geometry is stored in both the darcy and the stokes coupling info objects in the mapper. I don't think this is the most memory consuming part of the code, but there is room for memory efficiency improvements.

Fixes #788 (closed).

Edited by Martin Schneider

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