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Restructure linearsolver parallel

Timo Koch requested to merge fix/linearsolver-parallel into master
  • Deduce vector and matrix type from solve
  • Actually use sequential solver if we compute on one process (before a "parallel" solver was used)
  • Fix "sequential" constructor of the AMG backend
  • Rename to AMGBiCGSTABBackend
  • LinearSolverTraits only need GridGeometry now
  • enable box with overlap (big thanks to @blattms for implementing the draft for this (see !1861 (closed)) and giving the necessary hint on how to do this)
  • restructure the LinearSolverTraits

I consider the internal structure of the AMG non-public so we don't have to deprecate things. Opinions?

This is suggestion to fix #805 (closed).

Edited by Timo Koch

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