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Feature/istl paramtree

Kilian Weishaupt requested to merge feature/istl-paramtree into master

What this MR does / why does DuMux need it:

This MR adds a class for creating a parameter tree needed for the dune istl solvers and preconditioners.

At can be used by the IstlSolverFactoryBackend and by a SeqSolverBackend.

The corresponding code in IstlSolverFactoryBackend is removed.

Special notes for your reviewer: @timok @bernd

Do we want LinearSolverTraits as template parameter? So far it is only used to extract dim for AMG.

The traits are currently not passed to the SeqSolverBackends. I did not notice any difference between setting setDefaultValuesIsotropic(dim) and not setting anything.

BlockDiagAMGBiCGSTABSolver has setDefaultValuesIsotropic(3)hard-coded.

Edited by Timo Koch

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