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[examples] Implement Python-only doc generator using pyparsing

Timo Koch requested to merge feature/python-examples-docgen into master

Suggestion for a Python-only doc generator. It's using the library pyparsing. We used pyparsing in dune-testtools to parse input files and it's quite nice.


  • [[codeblock]] [[/codeblock]]
  • [[exclude]] [[/exclude]]
  • Excludes license header and header guards
  • Removes extra lines at the end of code snippets

Should be easily extensible.


  • Correct double spaces in some of the source files
  • Get rid of doc above header guards
  • Walk recursively through the folder structure to create README.mds in subfolders if .doc_config is present --> fixed in a different way: .doc_config can now specifiy multiple targets (markdown documentation files) which are generated by a list of source files. This way we can generate as many markdown files as we want, call them what we want, and generate them in the subfolder we want.
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