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Merge branch 'fix/update_failing_2pfracturetests' into 'master'

Timo Koch requested to merge cherry-pick-37d2dea0 into releases/3.2

[test][2p][fracture] fix failing 2p fracture tests

Closes #863 (closed)

See merge request !2042 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit 37d2dea0)

1182551f [test][2pfracture][box] Strengthen newton criteria 4c893ccf [test][2pfracture][timesteps] Add fixed time steps for reproducibility in sensitive tests 503ebaf8 [test][2pfracture][mpfa][gravity] Fixed time steps for the mpfa gravity test. bc0d1a11 [test][2pfracture][cleanup] Remove periodic check point 5742f5f6 [test][2pfracture] Write out reference timestepsize files if no file is given a787f229 [test][2pfracture][cleanup] Remove some unused stuff 5185bcc5 [test][2pfracture][tpfa] Run tpfa tests with fixed time steps for reproducibility

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