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[WIP] Feature/new staggered impl

Kilian Weishaupt requested to merge feature/new-staggered-impl into master

TODO General:

  • Fix docu (especially copy and paste errors)
  • Rethink assembly strategy (forward / inverse)?
  • Introduce coupling stencils per DOF?
  • improve design of "dual" problem
  • boundary flux helpers
  • prohibit Dirichlet for mass model?
  • check difference in Jacobian for compressible fluids (channel)
  • periodic grids
  • Look into benefits of caching options
  • Add volume work to energy balance


  • Set up higher order geometry
  • Port the TVD methods
  • Add correct checks for various boundary conditions
  • Add useful tests for higher order
  • Update and include the rans models


  • coupling (staggered-cellcentered)
  • implement Beavers-Joseph BC
  • Compositional models (1pnc)


  • Finalize box-staggered coupling (old staggered)
  • Port box-staggered to new staggered
  • Develop new freeflow discretizations (long term)


  • port and test Navier stokes tests (should have been completed already by @kweis)
  • port compositional tests (after 1pnc is updated)
  • port stokes-darcy MD tests (after MD is updated)
  • port rans tests (after rans is updated)

fixes #756 (closed)

Edited by Kilian Weishaupt

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