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Feature/pore network model

Kilian Weishaupt requested to merge feature/pore-network-model into master

This MR implements pore-network models in Dumux.


  • remove deprecated warnings
  • discuss folder structure
  • discuss caching and transmissibility laws
  • discuss grid data
  • discuss tests
  • check docu
  • clean up
  • use script in bin/util/ to create CMakeLists.txt files
  • change license headers to GPL v3
  • put flux-related header into dumux/flux
  • revise and check ps-Sw curve
  • discuss and find a solution for the 2p and 2pni tests, which are very sensitive to the chosen regularization method and the parameter Swmax.
  • Add description in changelog (+ backwards-compatibility policy)
Edited by Timo Koch

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