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WIP: Feature/new ic condition2

What this MR does / why does DuMux need it: This MR implements new coupling conditions for stokes-darcy interfaces, as proposed/described by Elissa Eggenweiler. The new interface conditions are meant to be more general and appropriate in comparison to the Beavers-Joseph condition and the current normal momentum coupling.


  • Combine new/standardPorousMediumVelocity, beaversJoseph/nTangentialVelocity and old/newMomentumCouplingCondition
  • Allow unsymmetrizedStressTensorForBJ and unsymmetrizedStressTensorForIC!
  • Set up two tests: Beaver-Josephs and newIC, see: dumux/test/multidomain/boundary/stokesdarcy/1p_1p, @Elissa
  • Check deprecation and documentation, link to paper from Elissa?
  • Add warning for newIC with symmetrized tensor
  • Folder and file names should not contain capital letters.
  • Follow styleguide: Correct indent, curly braces
  • Small TODOs in project

Special notes for your reviewer: I appreciate all help regarding the technicalities of the merge request.

Edited by Lars Kaiser

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