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Continuation of !2654 (closed)

Closes #1021 (closed) Closes #1037 (closed)


  • fix issue with quotations in patches (TODO: test shell script case - see explanation below)
  • after getting rid of the patches the getCurrentTimeStamp function is now obsolete. We could remove it.
  • test several situations
  • change code using snake_case to camelCase
  • squash commits, at least those from !2654 (closed)
  • make sure that paths are printed correctly without intermediate ../ or .
  • Allow untracked files in module dependencies (-> create patches for them)
  • Fix generated CMakeLists to contain only one subfolder level
  • Fix the missing opts file if dumux is not copied
  • Apply patch in a correct order: untracked->uncommitted->unpublished.
Edited by Timo Koch

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