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Feature/simplify local view

Ned Coltman requested to merge feature/simplifyLocalView into master

Fixes #1060 (closed)

  • Make sure I'm even doing this correctly

  • Change bind interface for each discretization's fvelementgeometry.hh

  • Change bind interface for each ELemVolVars

  • Change bind interface for each FluxCache

  • Go through all dumux/ headers and replace useage

  • Go through all test/ headers and replace useage

  • Add a note to the change log

  • Perform Benchmark to evaluate cost localview call within or outside of a element loop

  • Make changes according to the Benchmark results:

Policy here:

1.) If bind(element) is called within an element loop, call auto fvGeometry = localView(gridGeometry) before the loop.

2.) If bind(element) is only called once (e.g. in certain functions), use the convenience syntax.

Edited by Timo Koch

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