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Feature/multithreaded assembly using a coloring scheme

Timo Koch requested to merge feature/colored-smp-assembly-kokkos into master
  • Multithreading backends and a default backend selection mechanism

  • Backend can also manually selected by the user by setting DUMUX_MULTITHREADING_BACKEND via CMake

  • Type of selected backend is reported by CMake on configure

  • Backend can also be changed "interactively" through ccmake by editing the cache

  • Add a simple generic Dumux::parallelFor with one overload so far fully parallelizable loops over integer ranges

  • Implements coloring for CCTPfa and Box to enable parallel assembly over colored subsets

  • Enables parallel assembly per default if coloring is supported for disc method and a parallel backend is found

  • DUMUX_NUM_THREADS can control the number of threads when TBB or OpenMP or Kokkos is the backend

  • Support for backends TBB, OpenMP, Cpp (STL paralell algorithms), Kokkos, Serial (strictly serial execution)

  • Bugfix in LoggingParamerTree which was not thread-safe (although the const interfaces implied so)

  • Use Dumux::initialize in all tests which enables the DUMUX_NUM_THREADS control parameter

  • Update examples

  • Python bindings always use the Serial backend for now (the current implementation of the wrapper code is not thread-safe)

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