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Ned Coltman requested to merge feature/tracer_dispersion into master

addresses #320 (closed)

Only existing dispersion test is on dumux-lecture (Henry Problem)

  • Implement compositional dispersion
  • Implement thermal dispersion
  • Scheidegger dispersion tensor
  • FullTensor dispersion tensor
  • guard against multiphase and non-box methods
  • Add for tracer models compositional, and isothermal models
  • Add compiler time catches for missing properties, and add warnings
  • update dumux-lecture!170 (merged)
  • Implement and test for TPFA constvelocity
  • Add changelog entry for this new feature

To test:

  • Thermal dispersion
  • Compositional dispersion flux
  • Scheidegger tensor from box velocity
  • Scheidegger tensor from tracer velocity (constant)
  • Open Tensor from input file vector
  • Open Tensor from input file scalar
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