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[mpnc] add an initial helper that makes the choice of the constraintsolver depending on present phases

Katharina Heck requested to merge feature/add-initialhelper-mpnc into master

This fixes #1109 (closed) .

We add a helper that decides on the constraintsolver to use to compute fugacities etc to use as initial conditions for the mpnc model based on if all phases are present or not


  • this does not work with the chemical non-equilibrium tests. Technically chemical non-equilibrium does not need to use a constraintsolver as not fugacities are the primary variables but mole fractions one can choose as one likes. The kinetic test only uses a constraintsolver as first the equilibrium state is calculated and then a deviation from that state is set as primary variables. Check if it makes sense to leave the chemical non-equilibrium test then as it is.
  • check thermalnonequilibrium test. why does this not work with the constraintsolver
  • Wrap FluidState in helper and provide setters for necessary stuff (pressures/saturations/moleFractions/temperature)
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