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Unified Spatialparams interface, improved vtk output module

Dennis Gläser requested to merge feature/spatialparamsinterface into next

We allow for scv-wise discontinuous parameters. The volume variables are now being given the element solution for their update, where the parameter evaluation occurs now. The parameters are then stored in the volume variables and are taken from there during flux calculations.

  • Adapts to new vtk output model (1p, 1p2c, 2p, 2p2c, 3p3c, 2pnc)
  • New spatial params interface with unified arguments always using element, scv, element solution vector
  • Ported most of the 1p, 1p2c, 2p, 2p2c, 3p3c, 2pnc tests
  • removed old vtk output multiwriter

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