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[ci] Enable codespell spell checking

Timo Koch requested to merge feature/ci-codespell into master

Adds a job that checks spelling in Dumux code

  • Run codespell -w to actually implement the changes before enabling this check
  • Go through the automatic corrections and fix all false positives

Notes to reviewer:

  • Changes some internal variable names insideD and aws to better names insideDiffCoeff areaWS
  • Fixes one spelling mistake in an interface DiffusionCoefficientAveragingType in darcy-stokes Arithmethic -> Arithmetic. If someone used the wrong spelling before this will lead to an error now. There is a note about it in the changelog.
  • Some spelling mistakes in tex files are fixed but tex-files are excluded in the CI because there were some false positives that are hard to fix

Closes #1174 (closed)

Edited by Timo Koch

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