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Feature/doxygen markdown main readme

Timo Koch requested to merge feature/doxygen-markdown-main-readme into master
  • Modify actual readme to look the same in GitLab and doxygen
  • Improve sections What is Dumux
  • Fix links
  • Create anchors with filter
  • Resolve installation section in readme and put in Documentation
  • rename Documentation in README to Overview
  • modify script such that all .md are processed (runtime flag for header-level modification used in readme). Call math-modification script internally. The goal is that all headers in all .md files get anchors
  • Fix links to papers (seems to be too complex of a markdown link for doxygen)
  • Write compatibility table in htmlmarkdown


  • Don't add default "pages" in the doxygen layout file
  • Add pages and subpages manually into the sidebar
  • TOCs in markdown are created with the [TOC] command

This allows to

  • Split the module description into several files
  • The use of @addtogroup to combine module documentation
Edited by Timo Koch

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