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Draft: [localresidual] Make CRTP explicit, remove BaseLocalResidual, reduce LocalResidual property usage

Timo Koch requested to merge feature/explicit-localres-crtp into master
  • Add Implementation template arg to FVLocalResidual and the more disc-scheme-specific child classes (which forward it to FVLocalResidual)
  • FVAssembler receives LocalResidual as template arg as well, default comes from property system.
  • BaseLocalResidual property is removed and substituted by selector trait DiscretizationDefaultLocalOperator
  • The property LocalResidual persists in order to keep the FVAssembler bw-compatible


  • Add changelog entry
  • Add an example that passes the local residual in the main file
  • Fix NavierStokesLocalResidualImpl
  • Fix multidomain
  • This does not work with FacetCoupling, because it uses a custom BaseLocalResidual which is injected via the property system.
Edited by Dennis Gläser

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